Hip-Hop Accelerator powers the world’s creative and innovative urban entrepreneurs

Each year the Hip-Hop Accelerator chooses over 25 startups for a 4-month immersive growth experience. Startup teams gain value from our knowledgeable mentors and advisors. Our in house coding camp will match non-technical teams with a coding lead with a one-year commitment. Startup teams receive room and board for the duration of the program.

Our program support startups innovating across several verticals:

  • Entertainment Tech
  • Music Tech
  • Ed Tech
  • Esports
  • Hip-Hop Glam (Fashion, Beauty, and Hair Care)
  • Blockchain Technology
  • AI Technology – Machin Learning


Hip-Hop Accelerator’s mission and how we ROCK!

The HIP HOP ACCELERATOR is the crossroad where Hip-Hop, Entrepreneurs, and Technology meet, forging a new breed of startup founders. We cultivate the narrative you the artists, creative professional, techie that entrepreneurship is transformational growth. Our accelerator presents Hip-Hop entrepreneurs the latitude to fully express their unique creative skills. The accelerator, through training and immersive practice, provides validation to our startup cohorts to leverage the power of Hip-Hop entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to expose the Hip-Hop entrepreneur community to tech’s best practices, accelerating a new breed of Hip-Hop entrepreneurs to grow and scale their craft at light speed. We ask, what is the current state of Hip-Hop? What is the future of Hip-Hop and technology? How do we utilize the global impact of Hip-Hop, a $200 billion marketplace, and tech to create businesses and generate generational wealth? Grow with us at the HIP HOP TECH ACCELERATOR. 



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