Nizer Saunders

Founder, MD, Hip-Hop Accelerator


Nizer Saunders is the founder and  Managing Director of the HIP HOP TECH ACCELERATOR. The first accelerator exclusively supporting Hip-Hop entrepreneurs and underserved creative startup teams. Currently, Nizer is spearheading the formation of the Hip Hop Crypto Exchange. 

In March 2018, Nizer founded Brooklyn Tech Week (BKTW), Brooklyn’s first technology festival celebrating Brooklyn’s expansive tech ecosystem. Before BKTW, he was the Managing Director of Harlem Tech Week, a New York City community-based conference supporting tech inclusion of Black and Brown startups.

In 2008, he launched Harlem Talk Network. An online media portal and radio station in New York City providing news and information on technology, education, and the arts. HTR hosted over a dozen radio shows and produced live broadcasts of NYC events: Harlem Book Fair, Harlem Week, the Audelco Awards, and the Caribbean Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY.

In the late 90s, Nizer was recruited by the Wall Street Reporter. There he produced digital audio-recorded interviews of business leaders listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. During the early 90s, he launched his first startup, Rraw Sound Music recording studios. Nizer began his career in audio technology interning at the Hit Factory and Unique Recording Studio in NYC for several years. 

Nizer received an education in technology at the City College University of New York, where he studied audio technology at the Sonic Art Center under Professor Paul Kozel.




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